The Olympus


The newest member of the Hephaestus Monaural Amplifier series is now available:  The “Olympus“!  The name is a reflection of the position the Olympus takes at the top of the HMA series.  It is also at the top of the audiophile amplifier world I believe, but my opinion toward both my children and my amplifiers is somewhat biased.  🙂

The Olympus boasts an impressive 2000 Wrms into 4O while still maintaining the miniscule 3.5 pound package of the HMA series.  It also makes use of the premium chassis and connectors of the Keledones.  Best and most important of all though, it maintains the amazing sound of the HMA series, so there’s no worry of sacrificing warmth and beauty for power and headroom.

The Forge page has been updated to better call out the differences between the members of the HMA series.  The naming convention has been simplified too – moving away from engineering-inspired names, such as the “HMA-1000”, toward, well, more name-like names!  The series now consists of the “Hephaestus”, “Aphrodite”, “Keledones” and “Olympus”.

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