The forge of Hephaestus is renowned for the creation of fantastic artifacts.

Hephaestus Monaural Amplifier Series

Ultra-Compact High-Power Amplification 

All models of the Hephaestus Monaural Amplifier Series are designed and hand built by the founder of Hephaestus Audio, Joey White. This includes design of the amplifier and power supply, design of the chassis, layout of the PC board, soldering of every single resistor, capacitor, diode, transistor, inductor, transformer, connector, as well as final assembly, final testing, and final listening evaluation – everything.  This is not a “scalable” business model and it is not intended to be.  It is a direct connection between an individual who loves to create beautiful audio electronics and those unique individuals who love to create a beautiful listening experience.  If you agree that this is the ideal approach to the audiophile pursuit, then please read about the HMA series models below, as well as the audio reviews and customer feedback.


Harpocrates is the god of silence, and the newest member of the HMA series.  That is exactly what you get with the Harpocrates: silky smooth silence.  Quieter even than the already quiet members of the HMA series.  Is this amplifier just what your high resolution system needs to reveal those last elusive details?  (More…)


The peak of Mount Olympus is the home of the gods.  The Olympus is the peak of the HMA series with respect to power.  As with the Keledones, the highest quality silver connectors and Aphrodite aesthetics are featured.  It may be more power than most audiophile systems need or want, but what about your system?  (More…)


The Khryseiai Keledones are golden women crafted by Hephaestus and given the power of song.  Those who enjoy the highest quality silver connectors, and the aesthetics of the Aphrodite, will love the Keledones.  Interested in trying the Hephaestus Audio sound while making the most of your silver interconnects?   (More…)


Hephaestus ensures the ultimate in sound quality, but sometimes Aphrodite gets her way. The Aphrodite combines the amazing sound of the Hephaestus with a machined aluminum chassis.  If the aesthetics of the Hephaestus are keeping you from experiencing the Hephaestus Audio sound, then this is the amplifier for you.   (More…)


The Hephaestus (previously know as the HMA-1000) is the first product from Hephaestus Audio. Combining incredible warmth, resolution and high power into an unbelievably small package, it is a technical marvel. It is a fitting start for an audio company named in honor of the ultimate craftsman.   (More…)