These Things Can Sound Real!


A friend of mine was visiting last week and asked to see my VK-1 Dipole Loudspeaker.  He has worked in the audio industry and has done live sound on many occasions, but he doesn’t tend to sit down and listen much to high quality two-channel audio.

I put on a track of some big band music from the BBC’s Big Band Orchestra.  After a few moments of listening quietly my friend motioned toward the loudspeakers and electronics and remarked, “I forgot that these things can sound real!”

Yes folks, they can sound very real.  I think many people that have never heard really good two-channel playback, and even those that have heard it but have simply forgotten over the years, are amazed at just how realistic it can sound.

Audio recording and its subsequent playback has come a long, long way since Edison’s cylinder recordings.  But even more exciting is the fact that it still has a long, long way to go.  As much as I love the sound of my VK-1 system, I know it will sound to those of the next century much as Edison’s cylinders sound to us today!

2 Responses to “These Things Can Sound Real!”

  1. clyde lindsay Says:

    Hello. I like your sense of humor and your amp has gained big-time respect.

    I presently own a system that is largely macintosh ( cd-player and amp/preamp combo, with triangle speakers) I am searching for that pure music sound, not euphony, which to some degree I have although the system is pretty accurate too. I do listen to vinyl as well.

    I plan for my next system, temporarily post-poned due to financial issues, to be A Prism Audio Electronic Interface, a pair of Ohm speakers and one of my mac computers as source, with the amplifier sweepstakes in full swing. I At some point later, likely after New Years, I hope to be able to start on the dream system. I think the speakers are the first thing I should buy, followed by the amp and then the Prism. I would like to learn more about the speakers and amp you have over the coming months. Thus I will lurk on your site and try to gain and glean information and insights.

    I have no dougt that you are going to do very well.



  2. Joey White Says:

    Hi Clyde,

    Thanks for your comment and for your kind words! I hope your new dream system comes together just the way you want it to – it’s always fun to plan for the next project.

    Thanks for keeping an eye on the site – I’ll keep it updated with the new product details as they become available. Please don’t hesitate to email me as well with any questions!

    Best, Joey