Gratuitous Self Promotion

A review of the HMA-1000 from Audiophilia!

From Audiophilia’s Martin Appel:

“Another preconception these amplifiers dispel is that digital means a non-musical presentation — an analytical edginess to the sound. Sorry, not here. The HMA-1000’s are smooth and non-fatiguing, yet replete with inner texture and detail giving them wonderful resolving power greater then my current amplifiers (which are no slouches in that area). And they do all this with an ease and naturalness that says music, not electronics. Voices are more realistically portrayed with more body, texture and intimacy than I’ve heard before. Choose your favorite singer and be prepared to hear them more clearly and with greater presence then you’ve been accustomed to. The HMA-1000’s bring you another step closer to the real thing.”

Many thanks to both Martin Appel and Anthony Kershaw of Audiophilia.  I have enjoyed working with them so much that I’ve decided to become one of their sponsors – here’s to many happy and fruitful years to come!

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