Audiophilia Harpocrates Review

Audiophilia Review

A review of our new Harpocrates amplifier!  We are proud to receive the Audiophilia Star Component Award!

Star Component Award

From Audiophilia’s Martin Appel:

“My first impression was the distinct clarity and separation these new amps offered. The key thing was that it achieved this without resorting to hyper edginess that some equipment exhibit but by pouring forth detail in a natural, easy, uncluttered way making the music more accessible. The ‘lifting of veils’ or the ‘removal of grundge’ are expressions we’ve all used and experienced in the description of this phenomena of increased openness and resolution. In this case, it was wonderfully true.”

Many thanks to Martin Appel and Anthony Kershaw of Audiophilia for their ongoing encouragement and support.  Also, I would like to thank Mike Levy and Karl Sigman who were very active with associated equipment (i.e. Mike Levy’s FRM-1 loudspeaker) and with listening evaluations.  The wonderful people and the honest, straightforward style have served to make Audiophilia my favorite audiophile publication!

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