Personal Goals

John Performing the Iron Cross 

I love to set personal goals.  The feeling of always reaching for something that you can just barely touch with your fingertips.  The above picture is my father-in-law John performing the “Iron Cross” on the gymnastic rings.  He used to perform the “Flying Rings” on Muscle Beach back in the day.  Wow.  Gymnasts make it look so easy, but the most humbling experience you can have is to actually try it.

Like I said I love to set goals for myself, and not just in audio endeavors (e.g. design a great new amp).  I’m not what you would call an “in-shape” person – in fact just two months ago I couldn’t do a single chin up!  Now I can do a single good one (no kicking, swinging, etc.)  I have installed a pair of gymnastic rings in the garage and my personal goal is: to perform a single “Muscle Up” on the rings!

My next goal is to someday perform the Iron Cross on the rings…hey, it’s important to have dreams!  🙂

2 Responses to “Personal Goals”

  1. Toby Says:

    Hey there my long lost brother. I too have made it a goal to get back into some sort of shape (ok I know round is a shape, but not what I mean)I wish you the best of luck on your goals. My first goal drop 100 lbs, so far I’m down 10. talk to ya soon bro. Give my best to your ol’lady, and stay safe.

  2. Joey White Says:

    Toby my friend! Awesome goal bro – we can help each other out (at least as far as mutual encouragement from across the country…) Take care, chat with you soon, and I’ll say hi to Suz for you!