For those who want a little more background on Hephaestus Audio.


I started Hephaestus Audio in 2008 as a way to express my passion for audio. My day job as an amplifier designer in the professional audio industry is wonderful, but I still want to do something that is completely my own and exactly what I want in every way – that is Hephaestus Audio.


Simplicity is key. Designs that sacrifice simplicity for arbitrary specifications generally fail to impress the senses. The amazing sound you hear is not the result of “euphonic distortion”. It is the result of not correcting that which does not need correction! It is the result of understanding that audio gear is meant to be listened to and is not meant to drive an actuator in some industrial process. The requirements are very different in the two cases and until a designer can understand and appreciate that difference, he cannot design the best sounding audio equipment.


Audio design is my life’s passion. There is nothing more exciting than designing an audio amplifier that not only works, but also sounds really good. Doing this compactly and efficiently is that much better. I hope you agree that audio is the most amazing and enjoyable hobby in the world!


— Joey White