“Joey White has hit the bull’s eye, creating a lightweight, powerful, efficient amplifier, miniscule in size, with Herculean performance and at a price/performance ratio that is staggering. It could easily be priced at 2-3 times its current price and you would still be getting a deal.”

Martin Appel — Reviewer and HMA Owner

“Not a day has gone by that I haven’t uttered at least one ‘wow’ while listening to my music. The soundstage, three dimensionality and the effortlessness with which they drive my speakers (Volent Paragon VL-3’s) are quite breathtaking. Another thing I absolutely love about them is what they do with old recordings. I noticed this first while listening to some old Jose Feliciano songs, which I love but have always had to tolerate their poor sound quality. The HMA’s completely transformed them, polishing them up and presenting them like a perfectly restored collectible automobile or fine antique. Instead of sounding old and scratchy they sound warm, nostalgic and very emotional.  You really hit the ball out of the park with these babies.”

Jose Ramos — Audiophile and HMA Owner

“What immediately impressed me right out of the box was the improved dimensionality and the enriched harmonic overtones. This, from a kilo-watt powerhouse no less. Don’t let the small size of these dynamos (3.5 lbs) fool you either because they really do pack a punch!”

Clement Perry — Reviewer and HMA Owner

“Amps sound amazing.  I actually had to cut both the highs and lows about 3db to get them to sound ‘flat’ referenced to my ears.  The amps let more bottom through…and reveal much more details in highs.  I wish I had better speakers!”

Tom Knesel — Musician and HMA Reviewer

“I started with designing the HMA-1000 from the ground up, but I didn’t just stop there.  I hand solder every component, machine every chassis, and audition every monoblock before it leaves the studio.  You’ll like it for being the smallest kilowatt audiophile amplifier in the world, but you’ll love it for the one of a kind handcrafted sound.”

Joey White — Designer of the HMA

“Money speaks larger than words. I purchased the amps and couldn’t be happier with them. If you can’t stomach the price, take a listen and think again. If you can’t afford them, listening is just a tease. The 7 year parts and workmanship warranty and 90 full day ‘no questions asked’ return policy make it easy for one to take the chance on them.”

Bill Schuchard — Reviewer and HMA Owner


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